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Remarks: A Real "pilots" plane to fly! Boasting a ROBUST quality built carbon fiber airframe rated in the utility category, FAA spin resistant certification, FAA certified Lightening protection and the best Autopilot (GFC 700) in the business fully integrated with the Garmin G1000 WAAS Glass Cockpit. Combine this with the creature comforts of Auto Temp Air Conditioning, Sport Seats, XM Radio and the additional safety features of ADSB IN & OUT, XMWX, Active Traffic, TAWS & TWX670 Stormscope and you'll discover this Cessna 350 is a "sweet", economical, FAST, COMFORTABLE and safety oriented platform in a MODERN, state of the art, CROSS COUNTRY aircraft! Owners offering an awesome opportunity to be a 1/4th partner at a fraction of the full ownership cost based in Punta Gorda, Florida. Isn't that much better then owning (and rationalizing) a "Hangar Queen" for those wanting access to a quality aircraft but not flying like they used to?