10 Reasons to Buy

Ten Reasons to Purchase a Columbia Aircraft


  • Unmatched Performance – “ The World’s Fastest Piston Aircraft”. The Columbia 400 is the undisputed speed champion in production piston aircraft. Certified to FL250, capable of cruising at 235 knots and a maximum economy cruise range of 1,300 nm, the Columbia 400 will transport you higher, faster and farther than any other certified piston aircraft currently in production.
    [source: POH]
  • Utility Category Safety – When you put your trust (and loved-ones) in an aircraft, make it the airframe that is certified to the highest non-aerobatic FAA certification level. The Columbia line of personal aircraft are the only modern aircraft in production that are certified to withstand the higher loads limits required of the Utility Category partially due to the two wing spars and liberal use of carbon-fiber for increased structural strength.
    [source: FAA]
  • Safety Record – Every aircraft manufacturer is concerned with safety. Some manufacturers even offer unconventional supplemental safety systems to override the actions of the pilot if deployed in the event of a real or perceived emergency. The bottom line is that Columbia aircraft have a lower than average accident rate that is the envy of the industry, largely due to the design of the aircraft and the quality of the pilot transition training.[source: NTSB]
  • Insurance Costs – Compare and discover. Columbia aircraft are widely recognized by the aviation insurance industry for the rugged construction and safe design. The comprehensive factory transition training is further testament to the competency of Columbia pilots and their ability to make sound decisions and rely on the scenario-based training to avoid and or recover from emergency situations.
    [source: AOPA Insurance]
  • Training – Three full days of transitional training are provided with the purchase of a new Columbia aircraft -additional training is avilable upon request. Ground school, scenario-based training, flight physiology, flight training, and decision making help make Columbia pilots amongst the safest in the air. Research accident statistics and you’ll discover that certified Columbia aircraft have the best safety record.
    [source: Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing]
  • Spin Resistance/Spin Recovery – Columbia aircraft have demonstrated the ability to safely resist or recover from spins without the need for a supplemental recovery system. The design of the main wing’s compound airfoil, rudder/rudder limiter and elevator collectively provide a superior NASA-proven design. Superior design equals superior handling and docile, predictable flight characteristics.
    [sources: FAA & NASA]
  • Redundant Electrical System – Columbia aircraft are fully-electric and fully-redundant. Less reliable vacuum pumps have long since been replaced by dual electrical systems. Each Columbia aircraft has two complete electrical systems of equal capacity that can start and run all standard systems independently with two 60 amp alternators and two 15 amp hour batteries. Other all-electrical aircraft with a lesser back-up electrical systems force the pilot to make critical decisions during emergencies to determine how to shed power and run a partial instrument panel.
    [source: Various Manufacturers’ POH]
  • Heated Leading Edges – Nothing melts ice better than heat. The revolutionary E-Vade™ anti-icing system uses heat to kee p ice from forming on the leading edges. Unlike glycol-based systems that can run out of fluid, rubber bladders that can leak or pumps that can seize, E-Vade has no moving parts and requires no maintenance.
    [source: Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing]
  • Climate Control™ – Heating and cooling at the touch of a button. Climate Control, exclusively available on Columbia aircraft, is approved for every phase of flight – including take-off. Simply set the desired temperature and the system will heat or cool the cabin as required to maintain the perfect environment. The system even has a cabin pre-cool feature.
    [source: Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing]
  • Personality – Your aircraft should be a reflection of your personality. Only Columbia aircraft are certified to a high enough heat tollerance that allows you to select a dramatic two-tone finish, accent stripping and pin stripping from a palette of colors. Create a unique combination that is as bold or subtle as your own personality.