300 Specifications

Columbia 300 Specifications

Weight Data
Takeoff Weight 3400 lbs. (Maximum)
Ramp Weight 3400 lbs. (Maximum)
Empty Weight 2200 lbs. (Approximate)
Useful Load 1200 lbs. (Approximate)
Landing Weight 3230 lbs. (Maximum)
Baggage Weight 120 lbs. (Maximum)
Speed Data
Vy Best Rate of Climb 106 KIAS (Sea Level)
Vx Best Angle of Climb 80 KIAS (Sea Level)
Vo Maximum Operating Maneuvering Speed 148 KIAS (3400 lbs. gw)
   VFE Maximum Flap Extended Speed 119 KIAS (Full Flaps)
VFE1 Maximum Takeoff Flap Extended Speed 126 KIAS (Takeoff Flaps)
VNO Maximum Structural Cruising Speed 179 KIAS
VNE Never Exceed Speed 235 KIAS
VSO Stall Speed in Landing Configuration 57 KIAS
VS1 Stall Speed (Takeoff Flaps) 65 KIAS
VSN Stall Speed (No Flaps) 71 KIAS
Cruise Data
Normal Cruise 75% Power (8,000 ft. – Standard Day) 190 KTAS (219mph)
Maximum Range 80% Power (includes climb and 45 minute reserve) 1280 Nautical Miles
Maximum Range 70% Power (Includes Climb and 45 minute reserve) 1320 Nautical Miles
Maximum Range 60% Power (Includes Climb and 45 minute reserve) 1345 Nautical Miles
Maximum Range 50% Power (Includes Climb and 45 minute reserve) 1385 Nautical Miles
Performance Data
Takeoff Distance (Sea Level) – Standard Temp.
Ground Run (No Wind at 3400 lbs. gw.)

50 Ft. Obstacle (No wind at 3400 lbs. gw.)

700 Ft.

1250 Ft (Total Dist.)

Landing Distance (Sea Level) – Standard Temp.
Ground Run (No Wind at 3400 lbs. gw.)

50 Ft. Obstacle (No wind at 3400 lbs. gw.)

1550 Ft.

2350 Ft. (Total Dist.)

Maximum Rate of Climb
Sea Level 1340 fpm.
Service Ceiling
Certified Ceiling FL 180 (18,000 ft.)
Avionics Data
Equipment Standard IFR Package Premium IFR Package
Apollo Nav Indicator* Included Included
Apollo SL 30 Nav/Com* Included
Dual Apollo SL 30 Nav/Coms* Included
Apollo SL 70 Transponder* Included Included
Apollo GX60 GPS* Included
Apollo GX50 GPS* Included
Apollo SL15 Stereo Audio Panel Included Included
Apollo 14H Annunciator Control Unit* Included Included
BF Goodrich Stormscope / Lightning Detection System Included Included
S-Tec 30 Autopilot Included
S-Tec 55 Autopilot Included
Allied Signal KCS 55A HIS System Included
Allied Signal KI 256 Signal Cure-Flight Director Included
AvroTec/Avidyne 10.4″ Color Included
Moving Map Display Optional Equipment
Apollo MX 20 Display Map* Optional Equipment
Allied Signal KR 87 ADF Optional Equipment
Allied Signal KN 63 DME Optional Equipment
Bose ANR Headsets Optional Equipment
Shadin Fuel Flow Totalizer Optional Equipment
Mountain High O2 System Optional Equipment
Shadin Altitude Alerter Optional Equipment
S-Tec Autopilot Altitude


Optional Equipment
*Manufactured By UPS Aviation Technologies