400 Specifications

Columbia 400 Specifications

Weight Data

Takeoff Weight 3600 lbs. (Maximum)
Ramp Weight 3612 lbs. (Maximum)
Empty Weight 2568 lbs. (Approximate)
Useful Load 1032 lbs. (Approximate)
Landing Weight 3420 lbs. (Maximum)
Baggage Weight   120 lbs. (Maximum)

Speed Data

Maximum Operating Maneuvering Speed 158 KIAS (3600 lbs. gw)
Maximum Flap Extended Speed 117 KIAS (Full Flaps)
Maximum Takeoff Flap Extended Speed 127 KIAS (Takeoff Flaps)
Maximum Structural Cruising Speed 181 KIAS
Never Exceed Speed 230 KIAS
Stall Speed in Landing Configuration   59 KIAS
Stall Speed (Takeoff Flaps)   65 KIAS
Stall Speed (No Flaps)   69 KIAS

General Information*

The All-Electric Columbia 400 comes standard with Dual Independent Electrical Systems** Cross-Tie ability during alternator failure Dual Batteries
Dual Alternators and Regulators Starting Ability with Either Battery or Both Batteries During Cold Weather Essential Bus Automatically Fed from Either System
Avionics Bus Automatically Fed from Either System Dual Pointer Ammeter Displaying Either Both Batteries or Alternator Conditions *Specifications provided represent base aircraft. 400i, SL/SLX may vary.
**Components are subject to change without notice. Columbia Aircraft has the right to substitute other equipment that it believes has comparable features.
** Options are subject to certification and availability at time of delivery. Contact your Columbia Aircraft Salesperson for latest information.