Our Company

M&S Aviation Services, Inc.

My name is Mark Okkerse. Many of  you may be acquainted with me after over a decade of specializing in the Certified Lancair, Columbia and Cessna Corvallis aircraft as a new and pre-owned aircraft representative.

After my “first life” as an owner of a Construction Equipment company in Northern Wisconsin, I had the great fortune of joining up with Mid Atlantic Lancair/ Lancair Southeast as a New Lancair Sales Representative in 2001. I had of course followed the Lancair to its certification and purchased my own Lancair 300 taking delivery in January 2002. Subsequently, I purchased every model as the line up progressed through 2007 when Columbia Aircraft manufacturing was purchased by Cessna Aircraft.

Some may also recall I was also known as M&S Aviation, DBA Tiger Southeast through 2004, a great, fun aircraft in its own right, while awaiting the production of back orders of the Lancairs to catch up. Sadly the Tiger factory shut down due to lack of funding. A resounding theme in the aviation manufacturing business.

As the Columbia dealerships were replaced by the existing Cessna dealer network, I continued on through NexGA Aircraft working with the pre-owned Lancair/ Columbia aircraft.

Being intimately involved with our sister company Carolina Aircraft, I also represented the pre owned Beechcraft line. An exemplary aircraft of the previous century in it’s own right. However, being my own worst enemy, I found the workload and time to be detrimental to “my” level of service, not to mention home life and as of January 1, 2012 came back to my passion of solely representing the Lancair/Columbia/Corvallis line under my long standing Aviation company, M&S Aviation Services, Inc.

After 11 plus years of marketing and 2500 plus hours in the Lancair/Columbia/Corvallis aircraft, experience has taught me many many lessons in assisting my Sellers and Buyers in the purchase process. Of course there are many more lessons to be learned, but I work hard to inform my customers and guide them through the unique sale/ purchase process as it relates to the Lancair/Columbia/Corvallis aircraft.

While I am not everything to everybody and may not have “THE” Columbia that fits, I encourage folks to call with any questions and or advice as again, the Columbias are almost as much my passion as helping people achieve their dreams of aircraft ownership or need to make a change in circumstances.


Mark V. Okkerse