The Columbia aircraft, a safety record that is the envy of General Aviation…bar none.

The Founders worked hard to reinforce this information with key insurance brokers and executives and to to make you the best insurance risk in the industry!

When you take delivery of a  Columbia, you will receive several days of transition training from Columbia specific flight instructors (See Instructors). The curriculum is precise, designed specifically for the Lancair/Columbia/ Corvallis airplanes, and will make you comfortable and competent with your new airplane and its capabilities.  Insurance companies like that, and so do we.

From an insurance perspective, the Columbia aircraft have established their reputation in the market. However it is important that your request for an insurance quote be obtained with/from an insurance company or broker familiar with the Columbia aircraft to maximize your best rate.

Pilots have obtained insurance on Columbia’s while still training for their private licenses, so we are confident that you can get insurance on the airplane…we just want to be sure that you get the most competitive quote from an insurance company who provides a standard of service that Columbia owners, obviously a discerning group, deserve.

Insurance Groups

AOPA Insurance Agency

AOPA Insurance Services offers a choice of quality, comprehensive insurance policies from “A” rated companies with coverage options to fit all your aircraft insurance needs.
Just some of the benefits of insuring with us include:

  • Unparalleled customer service and aviation expertise
  • Ability to handle transition pilots and unique risks
  • Access all major carriers to find you options
  • Safety credit and membership discount programs to help keep your costs down
  • Strong relationships with insurers that give you stronger coverages, better pricing and better customer care during a “gray area” claim.
  • Commissions paid to AOPA Insurance Services support the future of general aviation and protect our freedom to fly.
  • CALL Carol Thompson for the most knowledgeable AOPA Insurance Professional.