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Client Testimonials

Ruth and Brian Preston

We first met Mark in 2007, having flown our Cirrus SR20 from Eugene, Oregon to Mass to visit relatives and also attend the AOPA convention in Hartford, Conn. While viewing aircraft in the tie-down area we noticed a Columbia 350 with the pilot, Mark, who told us it was for sale. He was acting as broker. We were not happy with the performance of the SR20, and were considering a Columbia for sometime in the future. Mark suggested a test flight the next day, even though we were not currently looking to trade up. We were so impressed both with plane and pilot that we bought a Columbia 300 a few years later. For financial reasons, we weren’t able to keep that plane for more than a year but Mark helped us sell it. We later bought a Grumman Tiger through him but missed the speed, comfort and long range of the Columbia, so purchased another 300 in Jan of 2018, through him, at a very good price!

Mark and Susan, his wife, have become good friends over the years and we would highly recommend him in the purchase or sale of Columbias, though he has expertise with many makes and models!

Mark even spent time flying with me so I could become reacquainted with our latest Columbia, a true cross country flier!
Ruth Preston


Andrew Mueller

I had just sold my airplane and was fixated on another brand to buy. I stumbled across Mark’s website and began to realize a nice, used Columbia was within reach. I had never flown a “plastic” plane and wasn’t quite sure what to expect before that first flight. I was completely impressed with the aircraft. It was clear that Lancair Columbia had designed an aircraft that was over-engineered, elegant and an absolute delight to fly. I became equally impressed with Mark and his no-pressure sales approach. He is without question the most knowledgeable sales professional I have ever dealt with. Despite this I continued to test fly other aircraft but none offered the value I perceived from the Lancair Columbia. Several months later I am even more satisfied with the decision and seem to find one more reason to be thrilled with the plane each and every flight. It is hard to believe an aircraft can combine such amazing performance and capability with such a fun piloting experience. The same can be said for the experience with Mark. He went far above and beyond to ensure the sales transaction went smoothly and has still been available to answer numerous questions regarding the operation of my airplane. If only every experience was so remarkable!

Eugene Elam, MD

I first met Mark Okkerse by phone a year ago when I decided to sell my 1998 Mirage and downsize to a Columbia or a Cirrus, We talked about planes that would be good for me during the time I was trying to sell my Mirage. Some planes that he had I would have bought, but it took a year to sell my plane. Then one week after I sold my plane,Mark told me he had just the plane for me and it was in St. Augustine getting a fresh annual. When I heard a description of the plane and the owners special care and that he was an engineer, I stopped and listened. It was like magic,or even more like a message or a miracle from GOD that this was my plane. Since my talking to Mark for a year, I was impressed with his approach at selling planes and I was already impressed about his honesty as a man during the year that I had talked to him. I met Mark in person when he brought t his plane down for me and my wife Sadie to see. It was love at first sight and I purchased the plane that Mark found for me.I am writing this while I am waiting on my power tow bar which is to arrive tomorrow and I can start flying this bird. I was also impressed by the Instructor, Bill Shuford, who he introduced to me when he brought the plane down and Bill gave me the Columbia Course the next weekend. If you want to buy a Columbia, look up Mark Okkerse and you will be happy with this man.


Tom and Kathy Branton

Working with Mark was our first experience working with a broker. What a great help and delight he was to work with! I realize Mark is primarily known for his Columbia expertise but he is very well versed with others including the Tiger aircraft. Kathy and I are both pilots and previously had a 77 Tiger. We wanted a newer model and Mark had one listed. We, along with Mark’s help, purchased N951TE and she is a winner.

What we really appreciated about Mark was his first and primary concern that we had the right aircraft for us. We flew to North Carolina and flew the aircraft with him. It was a wonderful visit, a great flight, and the perfect airplane. It wasn’t a sales flight, he wanted us to shake hands with the aircraft and see if the fit was right.

At every step of the way Mark was there to offer his very honest and candid thoughts on the airplane and the purchase process. When the purchase was complete we felt we had made a genuinely good friend. We consider it our great fortune to have worked with such a quality person. Without any reservations we could recommend him to assist a seller or buyer with their aircraft transaction.

Tom and Kathy Branton

Jim Bolch

We bought our 2006 Columbia 350 from Mark in 2009 and have enjoyed every moment of flying since then. The Columbia is a great aircraft and it is hard to imagine finding another plane better suited to our needs. Mark made the buying process very easy and enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Columbia product (now Cessna) and has mastered the art of letting the plane sell itself. Mark is great to work with and to this day is extremely helpful whenever I have a question about the Columbia or aviation in general. I can highly recommend Mark if you are considering buying or selling an airplane.

Luke Peterson

Luke Peterson

Mark has been a straight forward and incredibly helpful resource.

I called Mark on a whim having heard from someone that was selling a Columbia that he was pretty knowledgeable. Mark spent more than an hour talking to a novice about the Lancair Columbia and so began my journey. Throughout my search I spoke with Mark numerous times about planes he was brokering and others on the market that he was not brokering. In the end, Mark found me the 2004 Columbia 350 that has treated me very well.

The whole experience with Mark could not have gone better. Always available, willing to answer questions, help organize my transition, and most importantly, find me an awesome plane!

There is no reason to buy a plane from anyone else.

Bill Looney

Bill Looney

My relationship with Mark started back in the fall of 2011, and for the past 1.5 years Mark’s professional and personal commitment to me has been unwavering. I am honored to do business with Mark, and proud to call him a friend.

My story is to long to type, but suffice to say, there were a few bumps along the road to Columbia ownership for me. In the end, not only did Mark find me the Columbia of my dreams, but he selflessly helped me sell my Piper Cherokee Archer.

Not only is Mark an EXPERT with the Columbia line of aircraft, he is an astute pilot with TONS of experience flying and maintaining these aircraft. Bottom line, these attributes make Mark’s “added value” component extremely high for his customers. Mark’s commitment to his customers is never in question. He is honest and forthright concerning pricing. He handles all the logistical elements superbly. He insures total customer satisfaction, and will only deliver a product that he’d fly himself.

My message to whomever reads this: Mark Okkerse is a rare find in the aviation sales community. He is ethical and beyond honest, and to anyone who is considering purchasing or selling a Columbia aircraft, you’d be insane to not employ his services.

Bill Looney


Bill Hammack

Mark is a true professional who knows Columbia airplanes better than anyone I’ve met. He is completely familiar with the entire fleet, current market trends and all the little (and big) details you need to be aware of to make a good purchase decision.   If anyone deserves being called an expert, it’s Mark.

 He also has an outstanding ability to work honestly and fairly for both buyer and seller.  He finds a way to make a deal happen.

 As a two time customer, once selling a 400 and then buying a newer model two years later, I’ve had lots of time to get to know Mark.   If you’re looking to sell or buy, I highly recommend him.

Bill Hammack


Former owner of N236RS